Dealing with bunions

By , May 17th, 2013 | Health | 0 Comments

Sensible choice of footwear and simple self-help can protect from the pain of a bunion.
Years of pressure on the big toe joint – from ill-fitting shoes, low arches or flat feet – can lead to development of bunions, which are abnormal bony growths around the joint area. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic say that the sac of fluid that is produced around the joint to protect it from further damage can actually get inflamed. This can hurt and might even make you dread putting your shoes on.

So be careful in your choice of footwear – avoid fashionable pointed toes and high heels which create pressure on the toe joint. You could try getting your shoes stretched to make them more roomy. Bunion pads may help, as may ice packs and painkillers. If your bunions don’t respond to these simple measures, there is always surgery – new techniques give good results.

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